We offer guidance and strategies to optimize your power distribution systems. Whether it's enhancing efficiency or ensuring seamless operations, our team is dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions


Product Design and Engineering

We use the latest CAD/CAM technology to design and develop your parts. Complete process control documentation is then used with our computer – driven machine tools to provide maximum precision and efficiency



Shearing, Punching, Bending, Forming, Hardware insertion, Fabrication, Drilling, Tapping, Counter-Sinking, Spot/ MIG/ TIG Welding, Grinding, Machining, Finishing and Electromechanical Assembly


Pre – Treatment

We provide pre-treatment in our state-of-the-art 7-Tank system. Multiple processes, such as degreasing, derusting, phosphating, and passivation, are performed. Additionally, we offer Zinc Epoxy painting.


Assembly & Packaging

From simple assemblies to complex finished products, we can assemble and package your parts and products to meet your requirements


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