Electra Engineering Services LLP

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of high-quality electrical control panels and sheet metal products. We will achieve this by being customer-focused, innovative, and socially responsible. We will invest in our people and technology to ensure that we have the best possible workforce and production capabilities.

Our Mission

To deliver unrivaled customer satisfaction through advance and cost-effective power distribution solutions. And empower our skilled employees to drive excellence and foster a culture where quality is the metric for growth. With a commitment to building lasting relationships, ensuring mutual success and prosperity.

Customer Centric

A commitment to understanding and addressing customers' unique requirements, ensuring their satisfaction and success.

Innovation & Technology

Embracing cutting-edge technologies and fostering a culture of innovation to offer advanced and innovative products.

Quality Assurance

Skilled workforce with extensive industry knowledge and experience in delivering quality products and services.

Safety & Compliance

Prioritizing safety in manufacturing processes and complying with industry regulations to ensure customer confidence.


Demonstrating eco-friendly practices, sustainable manufacturing, and a commitment to environmental preservation.

Trust & Transparency

Ensuring on-time delivery and building trust through transparent communication and honest business practices.

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